Safeguard Security Services


Safeguarding Your Commercial Property

At Safeguard Security Services, we understand each specific commercial industry has unique security needs. From crowded shopping centers and airports to exclusive golf and yacht clubs, we offer customized solutions to ensure the safety of your property, assets, personnel, and clients.

Protect your bank, its staff, and valuables with armed guards providing access control and deterring crime.

Deter equipment theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, prevent fire hazards, and report unusual activities.

Create a safe learning environment for students and staff with access control, traffic enforcement, patrolling, and even armed guards.

Safeguard residents and property with access control, foot patrolling, and fire watch.

Ensure patient and personnel safety with access control and unarmed or even armed guards.

Provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for guests at hotels of any size and type with access control, foot patrolling, and reporting.

Deter theft and vandalism with guard surveillance and enforce designated parking areas with parking control.

Reduce shoplifting and vandalism with foot patrolling trained with de-escalation tactics.


Enhance security with access control, patrols, and observe/report/prevent measures.

Safeguard your cargo and infrastructure with access control, security patrols, and reports.

Provide a safe space for your staff and volunteers with cost-effective security solutions.

Provide peace of mind for residents and families with access control and emergency response.

Create a secure environment for vulnerable individuals and staff with access control, security patrols, and observe/report/prevent measures.

Golf clubs, yacht clubs, and marinas require security to protect property and ensure a safe environment for members.

They offer a visible deterrent and are trained to observe and quickly respond to any security incidents.

The Safeguard Difference

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