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At Safeguard Security Services, we understand that generalized security solutions simply don’t work. That’s why we work closely with you through a dedicated account manager to develop a plan that covers the unique security needs of your industry.

This collaborative approach extends to our technology as well. Together with our highly-trained and licensed security guards, we use Silvertrack to facilitate efficient communication and reporting. This ensures real-time information sharing and a quick response to any situation.

We take your safety seriously, so our security guards are equipped to handle various situations. In a security breach or emergency, our guards will follow established protocols, including incident reports, citizen’s arrest if legally applicable, notifying management, and contacting law enforcement officials.

Unarmed Security Guards

Deter theft through a visible security presence in lower-risk environments.

Armed Security Guards

Deter crime in high-risk locations and emergencies.

Fire Watch

Prevent fires in high-risk situations.

Access Control

Secure entry points at businesses and residences.

Crowd Control

Manage lines, prevent overcrowding, and ensure safety at events of all sizes.

Event Control

Patrol the venue, control entry points, and ensure a smooth event flow.

Parking Control

Ensure smooth parking lot operations for businesses and communities.

Traffic Enforcement

Deter traffic violations, improve pedestrian safety, and create a culture of safe driving.

Public/Private Communities

Provides patrols, access control, and security consultations for a wide range of communities.

Construction Security

Deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access on construction sites.

HOA Security

Deter crime and ensure resident safety.

Hotel Security

Create a safer environment for guests and staff by maintaining order and deterring crime

Warehouse Security

Create a secure environment that minimizes loss and protects valuable inventory

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