Safeguard Security Services

HOA Security

Peace of Mind for Your Neighborhood

Peace of mind starts with a secure neighborhood, and we know Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have their unique security needs. Choosing Safeguard as your security partner means we will help you deter crime, enforce HOA rules, and create a safe and secure living environment for all residents.

Why Are HOA Security Services Necessary?


We prevent HOA communities from getting broken into, graffitied, trespassed, and vandalized, and we ensure the residents follow HOA rules regarding parking and keeping a quiet and safe neighborhood.

Our security guards are also present during specific events within the community and in common areas.


Our visible security guards conduct hourly foot or vehicle patrols around the neighborhood to get familiar with the neighbors and keep the community safe.

We implement effective access control measures to restrict unauthorized entry, like ID verification and calling homeowners to confirm whether visitors can have access or not.

Our guards keep vigilance and report any suspicious activity, reporting to local law enforcement when needed.

A safe and secure community increases the value of homes.

Residents feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhood knowing security presence deters criminal activity. Also if a resident is out on vacation we make sure their house is a priority.

Safeguard's HOAs Security Services Advantage

  • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with HOA representatives to develop the best security plan by identifying potential vulnerabilities in common areas and perimeter security.


  • Scalable Solutions: Our security plans can be customized to fit any HOA size.


  • Highly Qualified Guards: All our guards possess a security Guard Card issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Professional Demeanor: We make sure our guards are always well-groomed, communicate appropriately, and wear their uniforms so you can easily identify them. 


  • Licensed and Insured: We are fully licensed (PPO # 121747) and insured to ensure your peace of mind.


  • Random Check-Ins and Reports: We conduct regular check-ins and require detailed reports to make sure our guards are performing their duties effectively.

The Safeguard Difference

Contact Safeguard Security Services today for a free consultation and learn how our HOA Security Services can provide a safer and more secure environment for your neighborhood.