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Fire Watch

Keeping Your Property Safe From Fire

Fire Watch Guard Services are necessary to ensure the safety of your property and occupants in situations where fire alarm or sprinkler systems are broken. With our Fire Watch Services, you can feel confident knowing that your clients, staff, or residents are in a secure and fire-safe environment.

Why Are Fire Watch Guards Necessary?


Active construction may have fire hazards during activities like welding or cutting, that’s why the presence of fire watch guards is essential to monitor for sparks or flames that could provoke a fire.

Arson or electrical malfunctions are some of the fire hazards empty buildings can have. Fire watch guards are necessary to prevent them and can react quickly in case of an emergency.

A malfunctioning fire alarm or sprinkler system can leave your property vulnerable to fires. Our fire watch guards can keep your business fire-safe until the systems are repaired.

Places such as warehouses are likely to attract unauthorized entry, which poses a fire risk. Fire watch guards can provide a visual deterrent and prevent fires from starting, ensuring the safety of the building.


Our guards are trained to identify potential fire risks, such as faulty wiring and equipment malfunctions, or watch out for things near open flames.

Guards are trained in how to properly use fire extinguishers, so they can take immediate action in case of fire.

In the event of a fire, our guards will be familiar with your building’s layout so they can safely follow the evacuation protocols.

Safeguard's Fire Watch Advantage

  • Highly Trained Guards: All guards have the experience required for the job and hold valid guard cards.


  • BSIS-Certified: Our guards go through rigorous training that meets the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).


  • Equipped with Knowledge: Guards are extensively trained on building safety protocols, including fire extinguisher use and evacuation procedures.
  • Fast Response Times: In the event of a fire emergency, our guards are trained to react promptly and accordingly to minimize damage and ensure safety.


  • Peace of Mind: You can feel at ease knowing that your customers, employees, and residents are safe and secure with our Fire Watch Services.

The Safeguard Difference

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