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A successful event requires meticulous attention to every little detail. But you shouldn’t let it add to your stress level to make sure your guests are safe and secure. By offering a complete Event Security solutions, Safeguard Security Services relieves you of the burden of maintaining security. This way, you can focus on giving guests an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose the Event Control Service?


Concerts, sporting events, parties, you name it, we can handle it. 

We ensure any kind of queue is made in an orderly fashion and prevent bottlenecks, keeping access points flowing efficiently.

We strategically position our guards throughout the venue to ensure a visible security presence, deterring criminal activity, maintaining a safe environment, and allowing them to take action to prevent overcrowding in specific areas.

We oversee entry points by verifying IDs, doing bag checks to deter potential threats, and managing guest flow making sure only authorized people gain access to your event.


Our guards are trained to handle emergencies effectively, following the evacuation protocols if needed and ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Our trained professionals can handle tense situations and prevent conflict.

Our guards are also trained to provide a welcoming and professional first impression.

Our guards keep vigilance and report any suspicious activity, reporting to local law enforcement when needed.

By trusting your event management needs to our professionals, you can focus on the overall success of your event with less stress and peace of mind knowing your event will run smoothly.

Safeguard's Crowd Control Advantage

  • Venue Layout Evaluation: Through our initial assessment, our staff will examine the layout of the venue to identify potential security vulnerabilities and create plans for the best possible crowd management and risk mitigation strategies.


  • Contingency Planning: We make sure that our guards, event organizers, and emergency services are all in communication in case of an emergency.


  • Experience and Expertise: Most of our guards have a military background or are off-duty police officers and they are all well-trained for each specific situation or industry.
  • Smooth Event Flow: Our experienced guards ensure your event runs smoothly, minimizing disruptions and allowing the crowd to focus on enjoying the event.


  • Enhanced Security: Our trained guards deter potential security threats and ensure the safety of your attendees and staff.


  • Highly Qualified Guards: All our guards possess a security guard card, pass rigorous background checks, and are licensed.


  • Licensed and Insured: We are fully licensed (PPO # 121747) and insured to ensure your peace of mind.

The Safeguard Difference

Contact Safeguard Security Services today for a free consultation and learn how our Event Control Service can make your event run smoothly and stress-free.