Safeguard Security Services

Security Guards

If you’re looking for a security solution that prioritizes a positive atmosphere, unarmed guards might be the perfect fit!

When the stakes are high and situations require an extra layer of deterrence, armed security guards step in.

Access, Crowd & Event Control

Identifying your specific needs and crafting a solution that delivers the peace of mind you deserve.

Armed Security Guards

When the stakes are high and situations require an extra layer of deterrence, armed security guards step in. They are highly trained professionals licensed to carry firearms and are prepared to respond to serious threats.

Unarmed Security Guards

They are the friendly face of security, providing a welcoming presence while keeping people and property safe. They excel at de-escalating situations, deterring crime through vigilance, and providing valuable customer service.

Access, Crowd & Event Control

These security professionals ensure only the right people get into a particular resource or area, using various physical and electronic security measures, like ID checks and key cards.

Parking and Traffic Control

Parking control officers, ensure everyone has a designated spot and the flow of traffic runs smoothly. They play a big role in preventing congestion and keeping parking areas safe and organized.

Private and Public Communities

Security guards act as a familiar presence, patrolling communities, enforcing association rules, and deterring criminal activity. They monitor for suspicious activity, respond to resident concerns, and help maintain a peaceful and secure environment.

Fire Watch

Fire watch personnel are the guardians of our forests, parks, and other natural areas, keeping a vigilant eye out for smoke or any signs of potential wildfires. It’s a job that requires focus, a deep appreciation for the environment, and a commitment to keeping people and nature safe.

Protecting Communities Throughout California

The Industries We Serve

We provide comprehensive security solutions for corporate offices, including access control, security patrols, CCTV monitoring, and alarm response.

Our security solutions for the retail industry include security guards, CCTV monitoring, and loss prevention services to help reduce theft and improve overall security.

We offer customized security solutions for construction sites, including mobile patrols, access control, and theft prevention services.

Our healthcare security services include access control, security patrols, CCTV monitoring, and emergency response planning to help protect patients, staff, and facilities.

We provide security services to educational institutions, including access control, security patrols, and emergency response planning to help keep students and staff safe.

Our security solutions for the hospitality industry include access control, CCTV monitoring, and security patrols to help ensure the safety and security of guests and staff.

Our Story

It all started with our dad when he worked as a security guard for the Embassy, so we could say security runs in the family. Ever since my brother and I have been in the industry with a combined 30+ years of experience.


In the process, we identified a need for improvement in security business standards and practices, so we wanted our company to far exceed them. For us, your peace of mind is tied to ours.


Thus we created a fully licenses and insured security company built on a foundation of professionalism, ensuring to provide a service that goes beyond the industry standards and that is committed to keeping with our promises.

How Safeguard Makes a Difference

The Problem

Feeling left in the dark about your security?

Our Solution

With Safeguard, you have 24/7 access to real-time reports, keeping you informed and in control.

The Problem

Unprofessionalism that undermines your trust?

Our Solution

We guarantee our guards uphold the highest standards of professionalism through regular check-ins and accountability measures.

The Problem

Communication breakdowns that leave you frustrated?

Our Solution

Every Safeguard client has a dedicated account manager for immediate and responsive communication.